It's A Good Day To Be Alive

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My inner dialog this morning as I stretched myself awake:  "Hooray!  It's a school holiday, so no early rush to get lunches made!"

Followed immediately by:  "Booo, it's a school holiday, so the kids will be home with me all day." (don't judge me)

Then, "Hooray!  It's Friday, so we can sleep in the next two days!"

Followed by, "Booo, I have a dentist's appointment this morning."

I'd been awake for 25 seconds and I'd already been taken on an emotional roller coaster ride.  

I trudged downstairs to make my beloved coffee, then went back up to get ready for my day.  I reached for my contact solution, tipped the bottle over, and poured my perfectly-brewed cup of coffee over my unsuspecting contact lens.

As if I hadn't been through enough, emotionally, already this morning - now I'd lost about a quarter-cup of That Which Keeps Me Going, and which had the perfect amount of milk and the exact number of raw sugar granules to suit my delicate palate.

"This day can only get better," I thought.

And it did!

There were a few extra minutes before I had to leave for the dentist, so I checked my email, and there was the most glorious vision waiting there for me!  

An email from the Library of Congress.  Squeeeeeeee!!  

They emailed to let me know they're in the process of generating my Very Special Number (I think it's called something different), allowing my book to be cataloged and shelved in the United States Library of Congress.  

That turned my day right around, and I started thinking about how close this beauty, You Should Write A Book! is to being birthed into the world.  It's all very exciting, so I wanted to share the status of everything with you.

Here's where things stand right now:

  • The book cover is being designed, with the first round due to me Saturday, 3/26.

  • I expect grammar/style/substance edits to be back to me by Monday, 3/28

  • Within the next 7 days or so, I should get that scrumptious number from the Library of Congress

Then.... drum roll.... it'll be ready to roll!  (I think)  

If I'm being honest, I really have no idea if that's everything, or how long that final step takes.  

This day turned out to be such a great one:  big, beautiful blue Texas sky, mid-60's, the kids have been reasonably easy to get along with, my teeth are clean, my contacts are wide awake... it's a great day to be alive.  

Here's my theme song for today - I hope you love it as much as I do!

Hope you've have a great Friday, too.  Drop me a line in the comments and let me know what's shakin'!