Press Release: Local Author Debuts Humorous Memoir

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“Metamucil screwdrivers: the middle-aged mommy’s favorite way to kill two birds with one stone.”


LEANDER, TEXAS, April 20, 2016 — Local marketing consultant and freelance copywriter, Kristan Braziel, of Leander, will debut her humorous memoir, You Should Write A Book! True Tales of An Unstable Life, at the Blockhouse Creek Owners Association BBQ Cook-Off.  The event – the Association’s 7th annual – will be held at Tumlinson Park in the Blockhouse Creek subdivision in Leander on April 30th 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Braziel has worked toward publication for two years while managing marketing projects for clients in her company, Braziel Media, training her dog, Lilly, for certification as a Therapy Dog Team, and raising her two children.  In addition, she is the founder of “Bring Mommy a Martini,” an online blog aimed at guiding people through what she calls, “the messy parts of life,” by sharing her own missteps and hilarious perspective.

The book opens with a story of the author falling in the middle of the street in her neighborhood while checking the mail, and continues by flashing back and forth between her childhood, where she battled similar attacks of clumsiness in public places, and present day, where her attempts at being a “normal” wife and mother land her in almost unbelievable predicaments.

Praise for You Should Write A Book! includes, “Everyone needs this kind of honesty and levity in their lives!” and, “It's a MUST read for anyone who wants to laugh at all.  So freaking hysterical...and real.”

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