I'm Kristan

I'm the voice of Bring Mommy A Martini, and author of a book - my very first - You Should Write A Book! True Tales of An Unstable Life, and another (very different) one is in the works.

What I Write About

Bring Mommy A Martini is my little cubby of the internet where I write about allthethings having to do with family, traveling with kids who are vastly different ages (my boys are eight and a half years apart!), home decor and DIY ideas for busy people on a budget, and who don’t think they’re “crafty.”

As a former teacher with a marketing background and a deep interest in psychology and behavior, I sometimes share parenting stories and advice from an educator’s perspective - and vice versa.

I also get personal - as a kid, I struggled with perfectionism, depression, anxiety, OCD, and undiagnosed ADHD - (so I was apparently a disaster) all of which run in my family, and a few of which both my boys have unfortunately inherited.

I write about ways I've overcome some of these hurdles (thanks to pharmaceuticals and therapy).

I don't want to make it sound like my childhood was hard or sad - it wasn’t at ALL.

I don't have anything life-changing or earth-shattering to offer.

I'm just a girl who wants to make people laugh with stories about life that we can all relate to.

Located outside of Austin, Texas, where I live with my husband, our two boys, and three dogs, you'll typically find me writing or reading, or possibly hanging out with my kids, and most assuredly canoodling a Mexican martini.