Heeeyy....I Know You!

You struggle to come up with just the right words to convey an idea.

You hate writing ad copy or marketing materials, because you think you sound salesy or false (you're probably right).

Your writing is boring and blah - you want it to have personality, maybe even pizzazz (pizzazz is my favorite!).

Your perfectionism has trapped you into a state of paralysis.

You're a fine writer, but short on time. You need someone to get the bones of the story down, and you can make it your own later.


Here's The Deal

We spend years and years in school learning the proper way to write. That's great, if you need to ace a grammar test once you're in the real world. 

"Proper writing" isn't always the most interesting writing. In fact, it usually sounds like it was written by a cadaver.  

And if you're writing for marketing purposes... well that's a whole other ball of wax.  You have to find the sweet spot of persuasive versus salesy.  

It's like hormones: a verrrry delicate balance.


The Sexiest Thing You've Heard All Day

I'll help you!

Not only am I super-fun to work with, but I love to take writing tasks off the hands of people who hate to write, or don't have time to write. 

 Specializing in copywriting for ads, websites, and other marketing materials, I bring life to your message and help you speak right to your ideal customer, just like you're a coupla old buddies.

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Settle Down, Cowgirl - Who Am I To Help You?


I'm Kristan Braziel, a lifelong marketing professional, spending my time these days writing, sipping martinis, and taking long walks on the beach with my dogs.  

Ok, the long walks part is a lie. The beach part is, too. I live north of Austin, Texas, a good three hours from the nearest beach.

The part about martinis is totally true.


Something You Need To Know About Me: 

I spent nearly 25 years in marketing, and had jobs in just about every part of that business.

I did a little bit of copywriting early in my career, when I created the newspaper ads I'd sold as a salesperson.

I did earn my degree in journalism, but the focus was on advertising, not news writing or copywriting.  

Writing in general is just something I've always had a knack for. With all those years in the marketing business, I honed my writing skills for that arena just kind-of by osmosis.

And people have taken notice. My articles have been published in some of the biggest blogs around, I've contributed to a marketing publication that I co-authored with a few other industry leaders, and I've got a book under my belt - You Should Write A Book, True Tales of An Unstable Life, and a few more in the works:  a novel based in WWII, and Advertising for the Rest Of Us, a how-to guide for ad veterans and rookies alike. 


This Is Where It Gets Real

Here are the ways I can help you.  Of course, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just email me at Kristan@BrazielMedia.com, and we can fiddle around with some ideas to make up something perfect for you!



The secret to writing successful marketing copy is to find that perfect wording that speaks to your perfect target, using the perfect "voice," and to sell without sounding salesy.  

My writing will have business coming at you so fast, you'll need a cigarette afterwards. 

Here's where I like to get my hands dirty:

  • Website copy

  • Ad copy for every medium (radio, TV, outdoor, print, online, direct mail, etc.)

  • Promotional materials (brochures, pamphlets, fliers, posters, etc.)



I'll help you wow your followers by putting your voice behind the words you want to get out into the world. Whether in blog posts, social posts, articles, websites, or company publications, I will embody you as I clickity-clack at the keyboard so you can get other business done.

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Let's say you're looking to show your expertise in an article for a newsletter, trade publication, or digital (or print!) magazine.  I'll take your research and translate it into an article perfect for consumption by your dream reader.  I'm happy to do the research for you, if you hate that part. I love research. I'm nerdy like that.

Here's a sample platter of articles I've written



Seriously, email marketing is the most important marketing tool.  It's a way to truly connect with your audience.  But you can't connect with them, if they don't open your emails.  

I write subject lines that gets your emails opened, and I make the email content itself so delicious, your dream customers will eat it right up.

One of my favorite things about email marketing is the ability to set up automations, essentially letting your email marketing run on autopilot.  

I'll write these email series for you, and I can set up the automations for you, too.  Winner winner, chicken dinner!


Here's what people are saying



My job when editing is to take your words and make sure they're clear, concise, effective, and accurate.

Nothing is harder than trying to edit your own work. With my eagle eye and grammar- and spelling-savvy, and some fun verbiage tweaks, I can bring your words to life.  

I research and correct any facts and figures, back up weak arguments, correct errors in spelling, style, grammar, the misuse of punctuation and passive voice, and inconsistencies in numbering.



You want to keep the world at large updated on your developments and offerings, right?  Press releases are intended to fill journalists with information and intrigue, enticing them to want to know more.  Your end-game is to get more visibility for your business through media exposure that your press release will hopefully garner.  

Since journalists are inundated with pitches, you need a press release that stands out.  The content needs to be accurate and written flawlessly, backed up with facts and supported with quotes.  It needs to be just long enough, but not too long, and I know right where that sweet spot lies.


Whatever mood you need to capture - from ultra-professional and buttoned-up to funny and entertaining - I'll create a presentation that'll wow your crowd, and help you convey your message precisely and effectively.



Social media lets businesses connect with audiences, and - if used correctly - fosters a sense of community among followers.  I'll create a bank of posts for you to use, and then to swipe and alter, extending that copy bank for your future posts. 

My guess is that you don't have oodles of time to hang out on social media.  There are several techy tools - many of them free - that can help you have a round-the-clock presence on social media, and still get your eight hours of beauty sleep each night.

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Let's meet for a 1-hour consult, to find out what you're looking for, and to see if I'm a fit.  We can meet in person, or over video call, or we can get all retro and meet over the phone, like they did in the olden days.  

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