You Should Write a Book!  True Tales of An Unstable Life


Years ago, drowning her sorrows in a giant bowl of chips and guacamole, Kristan shared yet another story of falling down on the job (no no – that’s not a figure of speech) with her college roommate, Jen, who couldn’t believe the absurd luck of this person sitting across from her.  

“I hope you’re writing all this down.  You should write a book about all this stuff,” Jen announced.

In this collection of true tales (at least 87% of which have been confirmed to be true), you’ll meet Kristan’s quirky parents, you’ll glimpse into the life of a person potentially suffering borderline personality disorder(s), and you’ll even get a peek right in the birthing room for the delivery of Kristan’s first-born child.

In You Should Write A Book!, Kristan shares her missteps in life with the same honest and hilarious vulnerability she uses in her blog, Bring Mommy A Martini


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Books In Progress


Lilly the Therapy Dog

(COMING SOON) Geared toward the elementary school-age reader, Lilly The Therapy Dog is all about Lilly, the very shy and frightened chocolate Lab puppy who was rescued from the shelter, but grows up with love and training and becomes a Therapy Dog, who loves helping comfort children.

You'll read all about Lilly's antics and what makes her a very special dog.

Advertising for the Rest Of Us

(COMING SOON) You'll save money, time, and heartache by discovering exactly how to reach your target customer (without plunking a bunch of money into an ad schedule to see if it works... only to find that it didn't.)


Filled with terms and industry lingo, Advertising for the Rest of Us will show you exactly what is up for grabs when negotiating different ad platforms, so you don't leave marketing dollars on the table.

You'll discover the keys to creating a partnership with your ad sales reps, so that your business gets priority and you get VIP treatment.

Done-for-you documents will guide you through the entire ad-buying process, so you aren't burning daylight trying to drum up the right forms and verbiage to get ads negotiated and booked.

This advertising & marketing book is different.

You'll find that there are lots of marketing and advertising books out there, but this one is unique because:

  • I've worked on the ad agency side. I've reviewed and negotiated thousands of media proposals on behalf of my ad clients, so I know what to ask for, as an advertiser, and I know the capabilities of the media when it comes to these requests. I know all the lingo and industry "rules," and how to maximize what the advertiser brings to the table.
  • I've worked on the client side. As a marketing professional for a few international companies, I was a liaison between my company and the media or ad agency. I know what it's like to be the client, and have to negotiate on my own, without the help or expertise of an agency.
  • I've worked on the ad sales side. An experienced ad salesperson in newspaper and in TV, I know what it's like behind the scenes: pricing, inventory availability, and traffic (getting the right ad copy by deadline). I know how to avoid being "that client," so the media actually seek me out when opportunities arise.
  • I'm a business owner. I know what it's like to feel like the Lone Ranger, juggling all the responsibilities of running a business. I know how to cut to the chase on the marketing and advertising front, so I can spend time on all the other areas of the business.

Gladys Dear*, a Novel


(COMING SOON) Based on a true story, this yet-to-be-titled* novel is a gripping story that starts in World War II-era England, where Gladdie, a young factory worker, falls in love with an American G.I. stationed in her small town outside war-torn Manchester. As the war rages around them, and their relationship grows, so does the baby in her belly.  

Gladdie is ultimately forced to face the judgment of her family and those in her town, when they realize that - because her English husband has been deployed for more than a year - the baby she's carrying could not be his.

This is a story of a present-day family piecing together bits of truth about the life and choices made by a woman who, among a web of lies and secrets, left England for America - but with only one of her two young sons.

*This novel is not yet titled. Gladys Dear is a possible, but not final title.


Professionals in Public Relations, Marketing, & Media Answer Your Questions!

Answers to the most frequently asked questions of professionals in marketing, media, and public relations, this book gives you the guidance of professionals with many years of experience under their belts, all tied up in a pretty package for free. Nice, eh?

Compiled by Nancy Vaughn of White Book Agency, and Grigoria Kritsotelis of Creative Bar.

Contributors are: 

Kristan Braziel of Braziel Media

Emma Morgan of The Business Designer

Ginger Reichl of Pinstripe Marketing

Jenny Hassam of Rhetoric Communications

Stephanie Hall of Stylings & Stories