Gimme My Rainbows & Butterflies

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Can we all just agree to disagree? I mean - the stuff on social media and in the news, OMG.

Let’s just say this: negativity is alive and twerking its way around the world and I just cannot do it.

I’m a very delicate peach of a person and my brain and emotions can’t handle all the destructive stories and images.

Let me get specific here:

You people who share horrible images of animals who have been abused?  STOP IT.

Why share that stuff? I mean - I feel like you’re doing it because you want to share how horrible the abuser of those animals are, but… how does sharing those images help the situation?

It doesn’t.

It puts horrifying images into the brains and memory recall of people like me, who just cannot let them go, like ever.

People who share their political views on social media? I mean - whatever blows your skirt up, but what are you wanting in return?

Because all I can see that getting you is a bunch of nasty, negative commentary from people getting all their anger out from behind the keyboard.

Want my advice on how to deal with all the negativity these days?

I’m not going to tell you some woo woo b.s. like, “maybe you should meditate,” or “place rose crystals under your pillow,” or “incorporate chia seeds to your morning coffee.”

Nope. My advice is just this: be choosy about what you expose yourself to.

Mark tells me I live in a “rainbows and butterflies” world. He says it like it’s a bad thing. As if I’m naive.

The thing is, yes: I am in a rainbows and butterflies world. I choose that world.

Because that’s how it works.

We get to choose how we react and respond to the world around us.

I choose to be surrounded by positive energy, positive people, positive images. I choose positivity. I choose the caramel-coated fudge right out of it.

I choose to unfollow people who share horrifying images because I don’t want those things in my precious princess brain.

I choose to accept that people have their opinions (even if they’re dumb ones), and I’ll have my own.

We don’t have to agree. I don’t even have to respect their opinions. I can just shake my head in disbelief and move right along with my rainbows and butterflies.

And that’s what you should do, too.