9 Gift Ideas To Keep You From Being A Generic Gift-Giving A-Hole


This cold snap has finally gotten me convinced that it’s holiday time and I’m currently sitting in my big chair with my readers on, a spiral notebook in my lap, dabbing my fountain pen - the one with the long feather - on my tongue, readying it for a flurry of gifts I plan to jot into a list.

Actually, **shuffling through the pages** I’m on my third page and it looks like I’ve only listed things I want, but I’m getting to everyone else here in a sec.

You know how when you’re out in public and you run into someone you know and they’re wearing the same shirt you just saw some other lady wearing, and then when you’re in the checkout line, you notice the checkout lady is wearing that same shirt?


I’m not giving out that kind of generic b.s. this year.

I love giving people gifts that are unique so they don’t feel like you’ve just filled their name in on a form letter that could have been sent to anyone.

I’ve put together a gift guide of creative and custom gifts so you can make sure your gift-giving is met with all the heart-eye-emojis this year, and they all start less than $50, so you’ll have room in the budget to grab things for the sexiest person on your list: yourself.

Heads-up - there are affiliate links in this post, which means I’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase using one of my links. There’s no additional cost to you, though!


Personalized Vintage Street Sign - How cute is this? I love mixing vintage pieces with more modern ones and I just bought one for my son’s Texas Stars bedroom. I personalized it with “Texas Stars Ave” to hang on his wall. And it’s just $20! 🙌


“Dwight, you ignorant slut” decorative pillow - Am I the only person who thinks the word “slut” is hilarious? I laugh every time I hear it. We are huge fans of The Office here in the Braziel household, and this shop has a variety of different sayings that will mean the world to your Steve Carrell fan. Only $22.


“Forget me, and I’ll burn your f@cking house down” candle - Candles + snarky label = the perfect scent. This candle is just $16 and the shop has other funny labels, like, “New home, who dis?” and “Employee of the month” and then you can have your recipient’s name put on there so they feel like they got some sort of award. I think this would be especially funny for someone higher up in the company, like sitting on the big boss man’s desk.


Personalized whiskey decanter - You can get just the decanter or with a set of glasses, if your recipient shares their whiskey (the one in my house sure the hell does not). The decanter is just $45, but the sets are a little more, obvi.


Animals in costume prints - You know that I cannot handle animals in costume. I can’t resist. Some people have foot fetishes, some people are into peanut butter and chocolate. I’m into animals in costume. (Full disclosure: I’m also into peanut butter and chocolate). How cute would a few of these be in an office or home library? And $11, are you kidding me?


Custom hashtag metal sign - For the tween or teen on your list. And if you’re too old to know what’s trending with the kids these days, Google tells me these are some popular ones right now that would be cute in a bedroom: #nofilter, #instamood, #shoeaddict, #beachbum, #fashionista, #swiftie. Signs are just $25 for the white finish, but you can get fancier finishes for a higher price tag.


“I’d burn this place down if you didn’t work here” candle - Another funny candle (and another one about burning things down 🤔 hmmm). Great for a coworker and only $15!


Personalized wooden beer caddy + bottle opener - Great gift for your guy to head across the street for Monday night football. Usually $52, it’s on sale for $47 right now.

The one pictured is the 58x44” size.

The one pictured is the 58x44” size.

Custom sports player wall art vinyl - I surprised my youngest last year with one of these when we were getting his hockey decor all set up in his room, and it was a huge hit.

They have all kinds of sports - even girl hockey players, which is just the coolest because the sport is growing in popularity among girls and I love to see creators and business owners acknowledging it.

Here it is behind his bed, customized with his last name and jersey number. These start at just $35 for the smallest size (which isn’t really small at all).


Another amazing thing about these gifts? On top of being personalized and making you look like you are the most thoughtful gift-giver of all time, you can do aaallll the shopping for them in your jammies, with a martini in hand, on-freakin-line. 🙌