An Outrageous Claim

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Signing up for classes is a bad habit I need to probably cut off like a moldy chunk of cheddar cheese, but I’m obsessed with learning stuff and I justify the expense by filing it under “Self Improvement,” even though it would be cheaper to just "improve myself” by eating less and moving more. 🤷‍

If you get my emails, you saw that in yesterday’s I told you to get ready for the best blogging resource offer of the year, and now I’m unveiling that bold, beautiful claim right before your eyes.

I know it’s a bold claim, but I don’t give out recommendations just willy nilly.

I only recommend things when I’ve tried and loved them myself, and that is exactly the case on (affiliate link —>) The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, and I should know, because I bought it, I went through a handful of the courses, and just like a proper personal development junkie, I fell in love.

But here’s the thing:

I also recommend this bundle for people who aren’t necessarily bloggers.

Here’s why:

The bundle is a collection of products and services pooled together from bloggers and online pro’s from all over, and they’re geared, obviously, to bloggers but there are several products just perfect for non-bloggers, too, like these:

  • The Editing Bundle: Learn Photoshop and Lightroom, by Stacey Vaughan and Randa Derkson - quick and easy tutorials to help you edit your photos. Great for blogging,sure. But also great for making those Christmas gift calendars for your kids’ Nana with beautiful pictures instead of flat, lifeless ones. (this course normally sells for $138)

  • The Profitable Genius + Facebook Ads for Email List Growth by Aja McClanahan - Two courses in one, this course teaches you how to create, package, and promote your first digital product, with a bonus course on growing an email list. Every business needs an email list, because email is the best way to connect with customers and prospects in ways that you can’t in any other way online. This course shows you how to navigate the confusing Facebook Ads time-suck and how to invest wisely into posting ads on Facebook to help you grow your list of subscribers. (Incidentally, this course normally sells for $199!)

  • Pay attention here, now, because this next one is important - do not feel like this next one doesn’t apply to you if you aren’t a mom or if you don’t want to do anything mom-related (I mean, there are days when I can relate) - it’s called Mom Blogging Mentor by McKinzie Bean.

    This course is so amazing, even if you aren’t a mom blogger. Even if you aren’t a mom. Even if you don’t want to start a blog at all.  This course is worth the price of the entire bundle alone because she tells you - start to finish - how to set up a website in quick, easy to understand videos. Granted, her bundle is only $47 if you buy it on its own. But I’d gladly shell out more for this one.

For only $50 more, you’re getting more than $5,000 worth of product with all the other products and programs in the bundle. Seriously - 98% off!

For just $97, you get:

  • 15 eBooks

  • 41 eCourses & videos

  • 9 printables & workbooks

  • 5 templates

  • 5 stock photo collections

  • and 2 membership sites

“It sounds fishy. You’re saying I’ll get all 77 products for less than $100?”

Yup. I know, because I bought last year’s bundle and I loved it so much, and got so much value out of it, I bought this year’s bundle and it’s even better than the 2017 version.

“They put just a sample of their products in the bundle, right? Then you have to pay separately to upgrade to the full versions?”

Nope. The contributors packed in their full content.

“It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?”

There is one catch: it’s only available for six days. The offer expires at 11:59 p.m. ET on October 15th, and then it’s buh-bye forever.

If you’re seeing this bundle all over the internet, it’s because there’s a reason for all the hype: this bundle is the real deal, and worth every single cent.

Grab yours by tomorrow, October 11th, and you’ll get a free membership to Stencil (a $40 value), to help you create social sharing images in a tiny fraction of the time.

NOTE: If you buy the bundle using one of my links in this post, I will make a commission at no additional cost to you.