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I'll be honest:  I don't have a deep sob story to share, or anything earth shattering to improve your life.  All I have to offer are clumsy, heart-centered-but-sometimes-messy experiences of my life as a mom just trying my best not to raise a coupla a-holes. 

But I also talk about marriage, hormones, dreams for my family and myself, and nostalgic trips back to the 80's and 90's (it's possible I peaked in high school).

My goal is to make you feel like you're not alone when you're struggling to balance it all, to make you nod your head as you read my posts and think, "Yessss, ohmygod, me too!!", and to make you giggle (or guffaw, I'm ok with guffawing) from the exquisite sarcasm I've nailed down as my signature writing style (not the snarky, mean kind of sarcasm... the nice kind that tricks you into thinking I'm witty).

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With inappropriate love, (<--- I've signed off this way several times throughout the years, and I've always thought it was funny, but with all the Harvey Weinsteins and the Matt Lauers and the #metoo's, it doesn't have the same funny feel to it.  And now I just feel kinda dirty.)