An Unfiltered Blog About Family, Travel, Home, & Happiness For People Who “Present Well,” But Sometimes Feel They’re Just One Sideways Glance Away From A Straightjacket & Padded Room

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Hi, thanks for stopping in! Here at Bring Mommy A Martini, I write to you just like I talk to my BFF’s about parenting (but it’s most certainly not your traditional “mommy” blog), family travel, creating a happy home that’s comfy & cute, and how to keep a sense of humor among #allthethings life throws our way.

Whether you’re looking for ideas on traveling with older kids, tips on making your home cute & comfy, ways to create and capture a legacy worth leaving, or heartfelt worries from a mom dealing with glitches in child-rearing, there’s something for everybody up in here.


I’m Kristan,

the voice behind Bring Mommy A Martini and author of a humorous memoir, You Should Write A Book! True Tales Of An Unstable Life, with another - a very different one - in the works.

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Here’s the stuff you’ll see on Bring Mommy A Martini


•Ways to manage anxiety and ADHD as a parent and how to effectively parent a child struggling in these same areas

•How to create a legacy of connection to pass down to your kids by capturing and sharing your family’s stories, no matter how jacked up they are

•Raising kids to not be a-holes or burdens to society

•Marriage and relationship humor for people who want to see the underbelly of a relationship that has lasted nearly a quarter-century with zero murders to date

•Practical tips for traveling with kids of different ages, including all the pain-in-the-ass things we go through in the name of “making memories.”

•Around-the-home DIY’s, crafts, and decorating ideas and tutorials