What I'm doing now

  • I'm writing every single day - whether on my blog or on my novel

  • Around-the-house DIY’s that are making me fall in love with myself, but not in a dirty way

  • Growing the Bring Mommy A Martini blog (click here to see how we can work together!)

  • Copywriting freelance gigs.

  • Marketing freelance for a cause I care about deeply, The Dog Alliance.

  • I published my first book, You Should Write A Book! in 2016.  You can still order a signed copy.  Or you can buy on Amazon.com or BN.com (now available on Kindle, nook, and iBooks!)

  • Volunteering with my sweet Lilly, a registered Therapy Dog. She and I worked very hard to get a Complex score on our certification, which means we can volunteer in complex environments - like courthouses, airports, group homes, etc., to bring comfort to people. Visit her site here and you can follow her on Facebook here.

  • Driving my youngest kiddo to hockey lessons and games, or trying to get my teenager to NOT be a burden to society.

These are my priorities, and working on these things fills my heart.  I created this page because people always ask me what I do, or what I'm working on, and I'm always kind-of all over the map - so this list is a way to inform you of what I'm doing, but it also serves to keep me focused. 

I'm not taking new 1-on-1 marketing or website clients at the moment, but if you have a question or need advice, please email me at Kristan@BringMommyAMartini.com, and I'm happy to help you, or connect you with someone I'd recommend.

(this page was updated on 10/1/2019)

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