Lemme guess: you're here because:

You know you have to have a website.

You either don't have one, or the one you do have is in desperate need of an update.

You don't know how to build a website, and you don't have time to pee, much less learn code.

You don't want to sell a kidney to have enough funds for a brand new, shiny website.

You're perfectly fine paying to have a fancy, schmancy website built, but you don't want to pay every single time the site needs an update (new pictures, blog posts, etc.) - you'd like to do it yourself.  But it's gotta be quick and it's gotta be easy.

The Best Thing You've Heard All Day About Being Quick & Easy

We can have a beautiful, professional landing page up and running TODAY.  Seriously!  That landing page can be working for you - collecting email addresses, promoting your social media accounts, or generating pre-orders - while we build out your full website behind the scenes.

We build websites on the Squarespace platform because of its intuitive, user-friendly nature, and its gorgeous, professional templates.  After we've built your site, you're trained to take over the reigns and make your own updates at your convenience.  Don't worry, it's easy!  And you can always call us to guide you.  

There's Always a Sacrifice, Right?  Nope.  Not Always.

You won't sacrifice time.  If you don't blog or update pictures every week, it's quite possible you could go months without ever updating your website.  So that 3-hour block you have on your calendar each week for website updates?  Go ahead and take that off.  You just opened yourself up 12-15 hours per month.

You won't sacrifice aesthetics.  Squarespace templates are constantly being updated, so they're fresh-looking, and as trendy or as classic as you like.

You won't sacrifice safety.  Squarespace is a self-contained platform, meaning there's no need for you to search for and install security plug-ins and widgets.  Squarespace handles all of this for you.

You won't sacrifice SEO.  Squarespace has built-in SEO features, and we layer on additional ones to help your business rank.  

You won't sacrifice having a responsive design.  Most people access websites on multiple devices nowadays: a desktop, an iPad, or a smartphone.  A responsive website means the site reconfigures based on the user's device, making it more user-friendly.  Ever looked up a website on your phone and had to scroll around and zoom in to see the web page?  That's the quickest way to get someone to bail on your site.  All of the Squarespace templates are responsive.

But the best part?

You won't sacrifice money.  There's no reason to keep me on any type of retainer, like you may have to do with other web designers.  Between the user-friendly nature of Squarespace and my comprehensive training, you're going to be able to manage your own updates.  


Interested in pricing? 


I'm Kristan Braziel, a recovering marketing professional, spending my time these days at my computer, sipping martinis, and taking long walks on the beach with my dogs.  

Ok, the long walks part is a lie. The beach part is, too. I live north of Austin, Texas, a good three hours from the nearest beach.

The part about martinis is totally true.



I'm not a classically trained website designer.  I've taught myself everything I know.

I'm a freakish researcher and I give new meaning to the term, "lifelong learning."

I'm a service-oriented do-gooder with an eye for detail and I love helping bring websites to life for people who are passionate about their business.  

I’m a Squarespace Circle member, which means extra perks for you as my client (you lucky devil, you).


This Is Where It Gets Real

Below are the ways I can help you.  Of course, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, just email me at Kristan@BrazielMedia.com, and we can fiddle around with some ideas to make up something perfect for you!


Website Services

  • Website Design

  • Connect Social Accounts

  • Setup Domain and URL Re-directs

  • Create Site Graphics

  • Connect 3rd-Party Services (calendars, email marketing, spreadsheets, etc.)

  • Import Old Blog Posts

  • Training

Interested in pricing? 

Additional Services

  • Create Blog Post Graphics

  • Create Social Post Graphics

  • Setup Social Media Accounts

  • Setup Email Marketing Templates

  • Create Email Marketing Automation Flows

  • Create Client Intake Forms

  • Setup Automated Systems (automate social media posts / create systems where an action triggers a reaction)

  • Create templates / timelines / checklists / workflows


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