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Yay! Here's what you need to know about my brand:

Bring Mommy A Martini is a humor blog where I talk a lot about parenting, but it's not your traditional "mommy blog." 

My voice is humorous, conversational, and sometimes a little sarcastic, but always warm and kind. My content is geared toward women 35-54 with kids who are a little older. They have a sense of humor and they want to be entertained. 

Topics on the blog are:

• Empowering kids, teens, and young adults who struggle with anxiety and depression

• Successfully navigating through all the messy stuff life throws our way

• Choosing happiness as a practice, from the standpoint of someone with chronic depression & anxiety

• Life as a Texas family

•Traveling to faraway places and all around Texas with family, including all the pain-in-the-ass things we go through in the name of “making memories.” 

My Readers

  • Have a sense of humor

  • Are into being nice as a person, and aren’t put off by an eloquently placed eff bomb

  • Have older kids (elementary school age up to adult children)

  • Are women who have busy lifestyles, trying to balance family, work, and social lives

  • “Present well,” but sometimes struggle with anxiety or depression

  • Have kids with anxiety, depression, OCD, hearing loss, or are mildly “spectrum-y”

  • Are animal lovers - especially dogs (side note: never trust someone who doesn't like dogs)

  • Love quality time with their kids, but admit (if only to themselves) that sometimes an iPad has to be called in as a babysitter.

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